Hi there, if you are reading this far into the website it is because you too give a shit about the abandoned homeless veterans on the streets who have nowhere else to go. There are a lot of great veteran causes out there, we are just called to be there for the forgotten veterans who have fallen through the cracks, leaving behind all hope.

I was there once and it sucks. I get this. After you run away so hard that you end up on the streets, then, where do you go?  You lose hope. What do you do when you lose all hope? Many veterans die there, some becoming one of the 22.

The others? They find the glimmer of hope only you and I can give them. The hope of returning to a home to start rebuilding their lives, reuniting with their children, getting a job, and any other help they need to return to their best level of autonomy. And 95% of the veterans we help do not even know it was us who helped them. They just know they had a guardian angel out there to shine a light on their darkest days.

We can literally turn their lives around.

To be honest, I did not plan this, There is no manual to build a national movement. So whether you choose to donate or rally up your community, industry, veterans organization, business or group with YOUR ideas, you will now be a part of  history. The history of how this movement grows to all 50 states and houses the next 5,000 veterans.

I just know I was called to help. So I came when called, closing my business after 25 years to give others like you the chance to help forgotten heroes get from cardboard to a headboard.

If you are one of those also called to help homeless veterans, let’s roll. We are here to help you help us help them. Whether just information, crafting a unique campaign, or helping create a Corporate Social Responsibility Program to unite your team we are here.

If you have other ideas, give me a call or email me – I want to hear them now, when veterans are needing us most, when they are at their most desperate exactly needing the help only YOU can give.

They never quit fighting for us, we sure as hell are not going to quit fighting from them.