In October of 2020, you housed your 4000th homeless Veterans in 25 states. Here’s the story of that Hero:

Patrick Lufkin, a Texas Army veteran, was experiencing difficulty with maintaining housing due to his income, health, and family dynamics. . . and became homeless.

Unfortunately, the only shelter in the local area had limited services due to COVID-19. Homeless and having difficulty securing housing, Patrick sought temporary refuge at a local motel while seeking assistance through the HUD-VASH program.

Patrick shared that he was in fear of his safety while staying there. . . but it was better than sleeping on a piece of cardboard. Thankfully, the VA HUD-VASH team out of the Charles Wilson Outpatient Clinic helped him secure his HUD-VASH voucher and find suitable housing.

He needed $759, so we delivered your donations straight to the landlord covering the deposit and overcoming the ONLY barrier preventing him from entering that ready, permanent housing. BECAUSE OF YOU that Patrick has a safe home to lay his head at night and can begin to rebuild his life.

On behalf of Patrick, we thank you.

We take care of our own.